BBCCT-101 Molecules Of Life, Previous year Paper, IGNOU.

As IGNOU exams are going to start from 7th June, you all would be doing your preparation, there is always a doubt as to what kind of question paper will come in the exam, hence I am giving you all the question papers of the last few years below which will make it easier for you to prepare.


TITLEPrevious  year paper
SUBJECT NAMEMolecules of life
SUBJECT CODEBBCCT-103 Honours in Biochemistry (BSCBCH)

BBCCT-101 EXAM PATTERN (Molecules of life)

TIME :- 3 hours


NOTE :- Attempt any seven questions.


QUESTION 1:- Draw the structure of the following:-

  1. D-Glucose
  2. Tyrosine
  3. Triacylglycerol
  4. Vitamin E
  5. tRNA
  6. Tertiary structure of protein
  7. Lactose
  8. Alanine
  9. Micelle
  10. a-helix
  11. Vitamin B1
  12. Maltose
  13. Palmitic acid
  14. Deoxyribose
  15. Vitamin C

QUESTION 2:- Define biochemistry. Write a short note on the interdisciplinary nature of biochemistry.

QUESTION 3:- Describe the polar nature of water molecules.

QUESTION 4:- Define isoelectric point. Explain how amino acids act as acid well as base.

QUESTION 5:- Define carbohydrates. Illustrate the classification of carbohydrates with suitable examples.

QUESTION 6:- Explain the concept of reducing and non-reducing sugars with relevant examples.

QUESTION 7:- Differentiate between cellulose and strach.

QUESTION 8:- Write a note on classification of blood group antigens.

QUESTION 9:- What is saponification number? Explain the mechanism of action of soap.

QUESTION 10:- Write a short note on the sub-classes of sphingolipids.

QUESTION 11:- Give a detailed note on experimental evidences of DNA as genetic material.

QUESTION 12:- Explain the structure of tRNA and DNA  with the help of suitable diagrams.

QUESTION 13:- Explain the following:-

  1. Nucleotides
  2. Cholesterol
  3. Vitamin D
  4. ATP
  5. Secondary messengers
  6. Waxes
  7. Plant steroids
  8. Vitamin E
  9. Nucleosides
  10. Cyclic AMP
  11. Structure of cholesterol
  12. Unique properties of water
  13. t-RNA
  14. Tertiary properties water
  15. Triacylglycerides

QUESTION 14:- Write the difference between the following:-

  1. Strach and Glycogen
  2. DNA and RNA

QUESTION 15:- Draw the structure of chitin and write it’s biological importance.

QUESTION 16:- What are soaps? Explain their cleaning action.

QUESTION 17:- Describe the structure of cholesterol with a neatly labelled diagram.

QUESTION 18:- Define the terms buffers and pH with suitable examples.

QUESTION 19:- What is glycosidic bond? Explain its significance in carbohydrates structure.

QUESTION 20:- Write a difference between starch and Glycogen.

QUESTION 21:- Describe the structural and functional classification of lipids.

QUESTION 22:- Explain briefly about any two fat soluble vitamins.

QUESTION 23:- Write a short note on ordered struciof lipids in water.

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