BEGC-132 Selection from Indian writing : Cultural diversity, Previous year question paper IGNOU.


TITLEPrevious  year paper
SUBJECT NAMESelection from Indian writing : cultural diversity
COURSEBachelor of Arts
TOTAL MARKS100 marks


TIME :– 3 hours


NOTE :- 1. Answer five question in all, 2. Q. No. 1 is compulsory, 3. All questions carry equal marks.


QUESTION 1. Explain with reference to the context of the following :-

1) I Have lost dignity in the eyes of the people

by being in the company of saints.

The wise men who sit in bliss lost to all worldly ways.

2) Two magic eyes with a hundred charms

have put my sad heart’s rest to fight ;

now who would care to go and tell

Dear love my sad and lonely plight?

3) The reed cut off its hand

Gave it to me and said

Take it

I too am her servant.

4) Drunk with the saliva

Suked from the dripping mouth,

My poisonous poetry

Scattered like fragrant flowers.

5) Gently rouse her, calling in tones soft,

lest she should with loudness be jarred.

Full asleep is he, her eyes half open,

Such beauty in blameless purity makes me afraid.

6) These are the colors of destiny

of immutable also

and the colours also

with which warring pawns

are daily decorating our towns.

7) I live in you whatever and however you appear.

save me or kill me as you wish,

Only never leave me in other hands.

8) Having flung away the pearls and the corals,

I wear a garland of wild flowers

The waters of my tears have sown a creeper of love

Now that creeper has brone the fruit of bliss.

9) Were we and those on behalf of whom we fought

the same folk?

Or were we, in fact, the agents of our oppressors –

Sympathetic, well meaning well-schooled agents ?

10) Where has vanished your heartline

has some text explosion

Sucked it underground ?

11) See how the letters move

in the eyes of the mind,

then loap over, back to the wall.

QUESTION 2 :- What do you understand by the term ” Dalit” ? Is Dalit literature written for a purpose ? Explain.

QUESTION 3 :- What according to N.K Naik is the relevance of Indian English Literature ?

QUESTION 4 :- How is the oral tradition linked to the issue of identity of the people of North-East India ?

QUESTION 5 :- How does ‘Sapavinmochanam’ break stereotypes and prevalent myths ? Illustrate.

QUESTION 6 :- What are the main element of sufi poetry ? Give examples.

QUESTION 7 :- Why is English a popular medium of expression for written of North-East India ?

QUESTION 8 :- Discuss with reference to the texts you have studied, some of the themes that women take up in their writing.

QUESTION 9 :- How have the theme of Dalit poetry changed over time ? Illustrate.

QUESTION 10 :- Comment on the Ghazal as an art form. What is its significance ?

QUESTION 11 :- Explain what Sisir Kumar Das means by the term ‘ Mad Lover’.

QUESTION 12 :- Discuss ‘ Cultural Invasion’ with reference to North-East India.

QUESTION 13 :- Can a history of Indian Literature he written chronologically ? Why ? Why not ?

QUESTION 14 :- What argument does Amrit Rai present in ‘A house Divided’ ? What is the significance of the title ?

QUESTION 15 :- Explain the term ‘Silenced Text’ with reference to any text that you have read.

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