BEGE-141 Understanding prose previous year Question paper.


TITLEPrevious  year paper
SUBJECT NAMEUnderstanding prose
COURSEBachelor of Arts
TOTAL MARKS 100 marks



TIME :- 3 hours


NOTE :- This paper has three Sections A, B and C. All questions are compulsory though there is internal choice within some sections. Number of words and marks are given after each questions. ( Section A is short notes on 5 marks , Section B answer any two of this questions about 300 words on 10 marks , Section C answer any three of this questions about 600 words on 20 marks).


QUESTION 1 :- Write short notes on any of the following in about 200 words each :

  1. Difference between prose and poetry
  2. Narrative prose
  3. What is a speech ?
  4. Forms of prose
  5. Importance of figurative language
  6. Biography as an art form
  7. Figures of speech
  8. Expository prose
  9. Differences between biography and autobiography
  10. Letter writing as a form of prose

QUESTION 2 : How was kinchad’s view of england as a child, different from her view after she visited the country as an adult ?

QUESTION 3:- How have the English people in Burma been portrayed in Orwell’s essay ‘Shooting an Elephant’ ?

QUESTION 4 :- Bill Aitken is making fun of politicians in “Travels by a Lesser Line”. Do you agree ? Give reason for your answer.

QUESTION 5 :- How does Nehru’s ‘ The Quest Of Man’ give an insight into Indian culture and civilization ?

QUESTION 6 :- Discuss the main features of Margaret Laurence’s speech “My final hour”.

QUESTION 7 :- The story “Misery” deals with human insensitivity to other people’s grief. Discuss.

QUESTION 8 :- What do you understand by the Holocaust and trauma of the jews from your reading of The Diary Of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank ?

QUESTION 9:- Write a detailed note on Strachey’s technique as seen in his biography queen Victoria.

QUESTION 10 :- What impression do you from about the Burmese from the essay ‘Shooting an Elephant’ ?

QUESTION 11 :- Outline the portrait of prince albert as seen in Strachey’s biography of Queen Victoria.

QUESTION 12 :– Describe Gandhi’s visit to the Kali temple and the effect it had on him.

QUESTION 13 :- What comples iona to eventually tell his story to the mare in the short story “Misery” ?

QUESTION 14 :- Anne Frank’s diary reveals the trauma of the holocaust. Comment with examples from the text.

QUESTION 15 :- Describe some of the personalities that Gandhi interacted with during his stay with Gokhale.

QUESTION 16 :- Describe how the natives, the English and Orwell himself reacted to the shooting of the elephant.

QUESTION 17 :- Write a detailed note on the life of Anne Frank during the holocaust.

QUESTION 18 :- How does Laurence’s speech “My Final Hour” reflect her commitment to social causes ? Give a reasoned answer.

QUESTION 19 :- “Atkins” understanding of the cultural differences between people of North and South India make his travelogue both interesting and informative.” Do you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.

QUESTION 20 :- Describe the incident of the Martian landing as seen by the narrator.

QUESTION 21 :- The essay “On Seeing England for the first time” is laced with sarcasm and irony as well as pathos. Do you agree ? Give a reasoned answer.

QUESTION 22 :- Comment on the significance of the title “Misery” by Anton Chekhov.

QUESTION 23 :- Describe in your own words Russell’s childhood after reading his Autobiography.

QUESTION 24 :- Laurence’s speech displays both her sense of humour and pathos. Do you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.

QUESTION 25 :- Explain the miserable conditions of the Blacks in America as portrayed in “Twelve Million Black Voices”.

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